2017 List of Commercial Agencies in Los Angeles

This info was from the original post on Backstage.com posted from TRUTHTELLER59:


Top L.A. Commercial Agencies:
“Here is a list of some of the top Commercial Agencies. It’s a work in progress and will be updated as much as possible.

“Abrams- Peter Novick
AKA- Doug Ely
Amatruda, Benson, and Assoc. -Kimberly Gola
Amsel, Eisenstadt, Frazier, and Hinojosa -Gloria Hinojosa
Angel City – Mimi Mayer
Aqua – Lawrence Har and Blake Viglione
Arlene Thornton and Associates – Janet Tscha
Avalon Artists- Craig Holzberg
Beverly Hecht -Teresa Valente-Dahlquist
BiCoastal – Greta Hanley
Bobby Ball – Christine Tarallo
Brady, Brannon, and Rich- Judy Rich or Pat and David Brady
CESD- David Ziff or Adrienne Berg
Clear Talent Group – Allison Sweeney or Raynard Pearson
Coast to Coast-Hugh Leon
Commercial Talent- Neil Kreppel, Blair Taylor
Daniel Hoff- Daniel Hoff
DDO – Marlene Sutton, Matt Taylor
DPM – Daniel P. Mulheran
Flick Commercials- Tina Kiratsoulis
Henderson Represents, Inc.- Michelle Henderson
Imperium 7 – Tracy Mapes
Independent Artists- Laura Fogelman
Innovative Artists- Marcia Hurwitz or Cher Van Amburg
Jana Luker Agency- Jana Luker
KMR-Alicia Ruskin
LA Talent – Rick Ferrari and Brian Brenne
Lemon Lime – Robin Harrington or Chaim Magnum
Luiciano and Reeves – Nancy Luciano
LW1 – Sean Robinson
Mavrick – Brad Diffley and Samantha Daniels
M. Greene and associates – Michael Greene
Momentum – Garry Purdy
Osbrink – Angela Strange
Pantheon/Tag Models-Patricia Dawson
Prestige- Stephen DeCayette
Reign-Laura Soo Hoo
Special Artists Agency – Alix Gucovsky
Sutton, Barth, Venari- Pam Sparks
Talentworks – Brian Duensing

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