7 CD Workshops in LA

A lot of people will have some mixed reviews about taking CD workshops. Some say “you should never have to pay to see a Casting Director” and that it’s just ridiculous to do so. Other’s will say, “hey, it’s an opportunity to get in front of them.” It’s worked for some and maybe didn’t work for others.

PiggyBank_page-bg_16009Being an actor in Los Angeles can easily get very costly. Between purchasing headshots, setting up a website, paying for all the actor websites (LA Casting, Actors Access, Now Casting, Casting Frontier), paying for acting classes, and not to mention, just gas in general, as you drive from city to city for auditions. So why do you need to pay for a one-time session to perform in front of a Casting Director? Well there are several factors that you might consider.

247Agents and managers will like for you to build a positive relationship with casting directors. It will help you get into the door for an audition when the right role comes along. But how do you get into the door when you have absolutely no relationship with them? The right role, whether it’s a co-star or guest star, might come along for a particular show and your agent/manager will submit you. But just the tiny fact that they’ve never seen your headshot or your face before, might be the deciding factor for them not to call you to come in for a part. Of course this also depends on how the agent/manager will pitch you.

So, one way, some clever bunch figured out was to set up shop in various parts of the city so you can do an “audition” for CDs for a fee. Some are performed in front of a group in a class style setting and some are performed one on one with a few minutes to chat.

One of your goals should be to get in front of the CD of a particular show that you’re right for and begin a relationship with them. Now of course it would be recommended that you arrive prepared. Make sure you workshop that scene you’ve been working on. Get some coaching. Make sure you feel ready to go in and knock it out the park. No sense in making a bad first impression.

We’ve had some good experiences with workshops and know many who do. Several of us here at Jive Duck have partaken in some workshops and showcases. We’ve scored some agency/manager meetings and have gotten called in for auditions. In one instance, did a workshop, got called in for co-star soon after and then booked the job. He might never have gotten that job or maybe not even called in without having met the CD and making a good impression in the first place.

Of course choose wisely who you’re going to see. Try to make sure you’re seeing the actual CD. Although Casting Associates can also be very helpful. Also research what they cast for to see if they could actually cast you for anything. You can check on CastingAbout to see what they cast.

Here are several places to check out for a workshop! Note that the prices fluctuate on who is coming in and also are usually higher for showcases. Also some are for a one time session and others are 2 week, 3 week or other set ups for workshops. Seeing a CD for a few weeks might not be a bad idea if you can afford it. Good luck!

7 CD Workshops in Los Angeles

The Casting Network

DETAILS: Workshops are $35-$50. They offer a platinum membership for $20 a month that offers discounts on each workshop as well as some free workshops. To become a member, email them your photo, resume, phone number, age range and your link to actors access or IMDB (and your demo reel if possible) and who referred you. Tell them “David Chan” refered you 🙂


Once accepted, you can upgrade to Platinum Membership.


10552 Riverside Drive (Above Aeirloom Bakery)
Toluca Lake, CA 91602



The Actor’s Key

DETAILS: CD Workshops are $37-$65. Agent/Manager for $15. There is an annual $12 membership fee here.

From Actor’s Key: “The Actor’s Key Studios offer workshops and acting classes, in addition to a multitude of free special events, with casting directors, agents, managers, and other industry pros, for professional actors. Our workshops are intended to help actors educate themselves, and fine-tune the skills they have been learning in regular acting classes. They are not for beginners (we recommend you have at least a year to several years of acting classes, experience, or education prior to taking workshops). “


2 Locations: 

Actor’s Key: 3504 West Magnolia Boulevard, Burbank, CA 91505 — actorskey@gmail.com

Actor’s Key West: 12222 Wilshire Blvd #106, Los Angeles, CA 90025 — actorskeywest@gmail.com

Actor’s Artistry

DETAILS: Workshops are $30-$70. 2015 Registration Free with a Food Donation brought to your first workshop) I see also maybe there is a $5 registration fee maybe if you don’t bring food?


950 N. Cahuenga
Los Angeles90038

The Actor’s Link

DETAILS:  Workshops are  $25-$65 . Regular membership is $17 and Premier Membership is $67 which includes:

  • $5 DISCOUNT OFF of ANY CLASS at TAL or TALAIA locations! (there are no exclusions)
  • 50% off one(1) Agent or Manager event
  • 1 FREE Admission to one of the Guest Speaker events upon availability
  • Discounts to NOWCASTING (amount upcoming shortly)
  • Discounts to IActingStudios (amount upcoming shortly)
  • Other items to be potentially added in the future


11335 Magnolia Blvd., Unit 2C-2
North Hollywood, CA 91601

Hollywood Acting Workshop

DETAILS: Workshops are $??? . No membership fee. Schedule is reduced during the summer.


8899 W. Beverly Blvd. (1st Floor), Los Angeles, CA 90048
(310) 717-2181

TVI Studios

DETAILS: Workshops are $15 for members and $30 for non-members. I believe that’s being a member in their acting studio if I’m not mistaken.


  14429 Ventura Blvd. Suite 118
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Act Now!

Details: Workshops are around $35 – $195. Prices depend on how many days, weeks or months. Here they do 1 day workshops, 3 week, 8 week, and more.

14140 Ventura Blvd
Suite 203
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423


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