Audition Taping Service

Audition Tapings/Coaching-$50/hr or $30/half hr. 

*Prices are $30/30min, $40/40min, $50/60min. $1 charge per minute after 1st hour. This includes shooting AND editing. 

Have an audition that needs to go on tape ASAP?  Jive Duck Studios offers a professional taping service with quality lighting, sound, and equipment.  All auditions are read with professional actors with years of experience under their belts.

Our goal is to provide you a relaxed environment, giving you the proper time and space to get the best take to book the gig that you deserve. At Jive Duck Studios, we are trained actors as well and understand the technicalities being on-camera that go along with the craft of acting to make your performances ‘pop’ in the scene. We are familiar with the expectations of Casting Directors and know what they are looking for in terms of slating, framing, etc.

Our service includes:

  • Coaching on your material (if requested)
  • Shot with professional HD camera (Canon 5D MarkIII/Panasonic HVX 200, P2 cards)
  • Audio Recording Senheiser Shotgun mic with boom pole
  • 2 Lighting Set ups (TriColor Light, Cowboy Studio)
  • Classic Blue Backdrop & Grey available.
  • Reader/Camera Operator

Upon completion of your taping session, an email will be sent with your file attached – a simple process with quality results.

Important Info Before Your Audition Taping!

-Arrive on time or at least 10 minutes beforehand
-Prepare the material as much as you can
-Please bring two copies of your sides
-Wear necessary wardrobe and bring props, if you feel it will help you serve the scene

Bring all necessary information to your audition:

  • Breakdown/character description
  • Slating specifics
  • Project name and character
  • Uploading instructions from your agent; type of format for conversion, labeling the file
-Come in Make-up ready. We also have a restroom provided if you’d rather prepare at our studio.
-Depending on your skin type, come equipped with necessary tools for your beauty regimen. (i.e. oil absorbents, moisturizer, powder, etc.) We want you to look your best on camera
-24 hour cancellation period.