Updated 2017 List of Theatrical Agents in Los Angeles

This info was from   “These agencies are listed in no particular ranking order. However, they ARE separated into tiers based on the strength of their theatrical departments. […]

2017 List of Commercial Agencies in Los Angeles

This info was from the original post on posted from TRUTHTELLER59: Top L.A. Commercial Agencies: “Here is a list of some of the top Commercial Agencies. It’s a […]

Tips for Actor Headshots – Getting the most out of your photoshoot

Getting your headshot as an actor can sometimes feel like a mini-overwhelming chore. How many looks do I need? What are my types? Who do I shoot with? How much […]

Updated 2015 List of Theatrical Agencies in Los Angeles

This one was also borrowed from the message board. Original link here: The following is from that page: **DISCLAIMER** I thought this list should be updated since it’s […]

The 2016 Jive Duck Studios Pilot Season Party!

The event was a huge success thanks to all those who attended and all the sponsors and contributors! Congrats to all the raffle prize winners! Photos of the event are […]

7 CD Workshops in LA

A lot of people will have some mixed reviews about taking CD workshops. Some say “you should never have to pay to see a Casting Director” and that it’s just […]

List of Theatrical Agencies in Los Angeles

There’s a lot ways to research agencies. One of them is the message board in Backstage. Here’s a list copied from there. It might not be 100% up to date, but […]

Headshots Deal! $150 for 1 Hour and Unlimited Looks!

Take advantage of this awesome #actor #headshots deal! 1 HOUR of #studio time with unlimited looks. Usually enough for at least 3-4 looks or more. Hit us up on our […]

Mix up your headshots

Increase your opportunities this episodic season with multiple character looks. Often times, casting directors need a little extra convincing.  So, lets convince them! Andrew Matthews took advantage of Jive Duck’s […]

Congrats to Lauren Brown For Her Booking!

Lauren Brown recently booked the guest star role of “Courtney” on Drop Dead Diva! Lauren went on tape to audition using our Audition Taping service.